With the collection of Site Optimization Instruments included in the Control Panel, you’ll be able to begin popularizing your brand–new site, just after it’s been created. With the RSS News tool, you can easily put a frequently revised news section on your website. Using the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can easily re–direct your site visitors in line with their location. On top of that, from the Sitemap Generator, you can make an elaborate sitemap for your web site and submit it to the major search engines.

A Sitemap Generator

Obtain a sitemap with all of your web pages in a click

The simplest method of getting your recently released site listed in the search engines will be to publish a sitemap. The sitemap displays all of the pages on your website and by publishing it to a particular search engine, you inform it that you want those pages to be scanned as quickly as possible. Sitemaps are often created by third–party tools. Nevertheless, with Affordable Business Web Hosting - Giga Hosting, you don’t need to navigate from the Control Panel. Affordable Business Web Hosting - Giga Hosting’s in–house made Sitemap Generator is incorporated within the Advanced Tools section and will generate a sitemap for you with a click of the mouse.

Everything you should do is select the top amount of webpages you wish to be scanned, the depth of the crawled links as well as the format of the sitemap document.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Route visitors according to their location

With the GeoIP redirection application that is included in the Domain Name Manager of the Affordable Business Web Hosting - Giga Hosting Control Panel, you are able to direct your web visitors depending on their geographical area. For instance, in case you have various language variations of the website, you’ll be able to set up a certain language variation to instantly open for customers from the area where that language is spoken. By doing this, when a user from France opens your website, she will be instantly transferred to the French release, without needing to move to French on her own. To utilize the GeoIP redirection tool , you’ll not need just about any knowledge or technical skills. Just indicate the physical location of your respective readers and the link to your site that you’d like to load for them automatically.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most up–to–date news on your website

In the Affordable Business Web Hosting - Giga Hosting Control Panel, we’ve integrated an instrument, which enables you to include publications from the most well–known information channels globally inside your websites, with just a click of the mouse. Our News application works automatically and won’t demand any extra setup work on your end,

The RSS News Publication unit is simple to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You can easily customize the quantity of news bits that will be presented, the way they will appear like, how they will be ordered, etc.

RSS News