Although this isn't the most importantaspect to help you identify a reliable shared hosting supplier from a bad one and a reseller from a real provider, being able to call and speak with a live person is a sign that you aren't dealing with a one-person service provider and that you will be able to get in touch with someone any time you're in need of support. The phone support for web hosting services may range from general to expert, so the problems that can be resolved with a phone call vary depending on the particular provider. In the general case, these issues are simpler and include billing or 1st level tech issues since more complex issues generally need a support ticket where both you and the system administrators can follow the proceedings with a specific issue. However, being able to phone call your service provider will save you considerable time and efforts for the numerous small things that will eventually appear when you manage your web hosting account.
Phone Support in Shared Hosting
In case you choose to use one of our Linux shared packages, you will be able to speak with our support team over the phone for 14 hrs a day. We will help you choose the proper plan for your web sites as we think that it's better to discuss this kind of issues with a live person. If you already own an account, we will help you with all sales/billing questions and / or general issues, even with some tech situations which don't need a long time or escalation to a system administrator since it is more convenient to open a ticket for time-consuming problems in order to have the entire correspondence in a single place. We have phone numbers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, so you're able to call the one you prefer and talk to our agents.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We offer live phone support 14 hrs daily as a part of the support services for each and every semi-dedicated server plan that we provide. Since some issues are more difficult and time-consuming, you may have to open a ticket if you come across such a problem, but for all of the billing, general or minor tech issues you can always phone us and we'll assist you in a timely manner in order to save you the time you will need to spend on opening a support ticket. Even if you don't have an account yet, you're able to find out whether you can host your sites on our advanced cloud platform or you can receive any other general info on our semi-dedicated solutions. We have local phone numbers in the United States of America, the UK and Australia plus a global number, so that you are able to call the one that is nearer to where you are.